Google+ Marketing Tips & Strategies

Google Plus is an effective platform to help you or your business reach new customers, increase brand awareness and cultivate community engagement. While Google Plus doesn’t have as many users as other popular social media sites, it offers enhanced discussions and group conferencing tools to help you interact with your […]

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6 Reputation Management Tips to Look Good Online

When it comes to the reputation of your business online, it definitely is a global village. With a click of a mouse, potential customers can check out reviews and find both negative and positive comments. According to the Huffington Post, 90% of customers are influenced by online reviews. In this […]

What is a good percentage for a PPC ads Click-through-Rate?

It’s the most-asked question from PPC managers and clients both: what is a good click-through-rate percentage on PPC ads? Of course, there will always be debate over what is considered good and what should be labeled subpar, but everyone agrees that higher is better. Many factors go into the CTR […]

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Reputation Management Billings MT

Online Reviews-Scam or True 1

It seems that everyone reads online reviews before buying a product, or working with a company. Are online reviews legitimate, or are companies uploading fake reviews to gain favor? How can you tell a legitimate review from a false review? The advice you can learn is great, and can help […]

Social Media Marketing 2014 1

In today’s day and age, in order for a company to truly succeed in the online world, they must master social media marketing. That’s because social media allows businesses to effectively and efficiently promote themselves directly to their potential customers. When the right methods are employed, this will help websites […]

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