No Crowns Allowed

I’m not sure what it is the past few years with employees and attitudes. As a business owner, at times, I feel like it’s almost not worth it to have employees anymore. Is it me or do we have a generation of Princes and Princesses who think that the world […]

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Writing Sample For The Web

All websites need fresh content in order to stay relevant in the search engines. Here is a writing sample for the web that we did for a published author. You can hire a copywriter to do your writing for you or write about what you are most passionate about. You […]

Chiropractic Websites Beware

If you have a Chiropractic website, beware, your site may not be getting indexed. As I sit here writing this article, I am at a loss for words. I stumbled upon a massive case of SEO sabotage and major plagiarism.  I have never seen anything like this. Hundreds of Chiropractic […]

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How Does Social Media Affect SEO

Some people believe that search engine optimization is dying. Not only are Google’s algorithms changing almost too fast for SEO experts to keep up, but SEO itself may soon be replaced by social media as the main source of information online. This is of course a huge exaggeration. Social media […]

Periscope vs. YouTube: Which Video Platform is Best for Your Brand? 1

If you don’t know what Youtube is by now, you’ve most likely been living under a rock the last ten years. The video sharing site grew tremendously quickly and was bought by internet giant Google for $1.65 billion less than 2 years after it went live. Since then, the site […]

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