Hashtag #101

 Most people recognize a hashtag post, but they don’t understand the significance. Think of the hashtag as a way to sort things out amongst the hundreds of tweets in your feed. When you click on a hashtag phrase in a tweet, you will get a new page with a list […]

social media marketing billings mt

social media marketing billings mt

People are turning to Social Media for customer service. How fast do you reply?

How does your business use your social media accounts? If you’re like most businesses, you think about attracting new customers, marketing, and branding through Facebook and Twitter. You want to build relationships with your clients and vendors to build your business, but there’s so much more potential to your social […]

Google+ Marketing Tips & Strategies 25

Google Plus is an effective platform to help you or your business reach new customers, increase brand awareness and cultivate community engagement. While Google Plus doesn’t have as many users as other popular social media sites, it offers enhanced discussions and group conferencing tools to help you interact with your […]

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6 Reputation Management Tips to Look Good Online 2

When it comes to the reputation of your business online, it definitely is a global village. With a click of a mouse, potential customers can check out reviews and find both negative and positive comments. According to the Huffington Post, 90% of customers are influenced by online reviews. In this […]

What is a good percentage for a PPC ads Click-through-Rate?

It’s the most-asked question from PPC managers and clients both: what is a good click-through-rate percentage on PPC ads? Of course, there will always be debate over what is considered good and what should be labeled subpar, but everyone agrees that higher is better. Many factors go into the CTR […]

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