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My Page Rank Changed! HELP!

15 Jun My Page Rank Changed! HELP!

This past week I’ve received over a dozen calls, “Please HELP, my page rankhas changed and I don’t know why!”

Well, let me share with everyone the WHY on the page rank changed! Google has once again changed the way that it does things. It all has to do with those paid backlinks! Google isn’t counting them and that is not an absolute, some they count.

And some sites weren’t affected by the changes while others were. There is no need to panic! Let me say that one more time, there is no need to panic! The best thing that you can do for your business and your web site is to continue with both white hat and organic seo tactics.

Keep networking your site. Use MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and all of the other social networking sites to get the word out about your business. These sites also let you add backlinks to your site. Post often.

There are a ton of directories out there, use them! That is why they are there, find your category and get your company listed! But most of all, don’t give up, just keep working at it and you will see results!

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