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Pinterest Rolls Out New Look for Business Profiles

08 Aug Pinterest Rolls Out New Look for Business Profiles

Business profiles have a new, engaging look on Pinterest. The upgrade makes sense for the social media platform because companies–more than 1 million of them–are major players. In fact, over three-quarters of the pins saved by users are from boards put up by businesses.

Here is a closer look at the three changes that Pinterest has instituted on business profiles.

Rotating Showcase

When a user visits your company’s board on Pinterest, they will see a rotating showcase. This lets you choose what pins you want to highlight, offering visitors a chance to see the best of what you have on tap.

The showcase is at the top of a company’s profile, in the spot that first catches a visitor’s eye. This means you as a business get to decide how you want to come across, introduce yourself and tell your story. The more engaging it is, the more visitors you will get and the longer they will stay.

Highlight Boards and Buyable Pins

A company can pick 1 to 5 boards to highlight. If you have buyable pins, these can be highlighted by featuring them in the first Shop position.

These highlighted Buyable Pins are probably the most powerful change in the profile update. It lets you target potential buyers, giving them options to purchase while they are in the mood. That can be a big boost for your business.

So many visitors come to Pinterest when they are looking for ideas and to window shop. It’s just a short move from looking to buying. In addition, they are more likely to buy if it is easy. And it is–as simple as clicking a pin.

For example, if you are a clothing designer or store, you can change pins and boards to suit each season’s newest models. Or you can make it easy for your prospects find what’s on sale.

Consistent Design

The look that people see on their computers now matches what they see on their tablets and smartphones. Your profile looks the same, making it consistent across all platforms and devices, a big help for increasing your brand recognition.

Visitors also can choose simple tabs when they visit your profile. One tab takes them to look your boards, another to your pins. The tabs and pins are why they are checking you out, so it makes sense to make it simple for them to find.

The pins that your company has liked are visible only to the admins of your profile. You are the ones interested in that information. But this is not visible to your visitors, who are naturally more keen to see your pins and boards.

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