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Social Media Training

07 Aug Facebook Looks For A Thumbs Up To Sell Subscriptions To Publications

As early as this fall, Facebook could begin allowing its users to read and subscribe to news publications – along with creating its own version of a paywall. The world’s largest social network is still putting the details together of the plan, but earlier this month,...

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How To Choose The Right Social Media Influencer

07 Aug How To Choose The Right Social Media Influencer

A social media influencer is anybody who has established credibility on social media. These kinds of people have large audiences, so targeting them will almost always help you grow your own online audience. On the surface, that sounds like a simple plan. All you need...

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12 Jun Linkedin’s Top Design + Development Changes in 2017

LinkedIn, the must-have social network for working professionals, unveiled impactful changes to its site earlier this year. Many of the changes are simple fixes aimed at improving user experience. Yet there have also been several more drastic updates that will surely broaden the ways in...

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