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Shop-able Instagram Posts Are Here

08 Feb Shop-able Instagram Posts Are Here

Instagram now offers shoppable posts, allowing retailers to showcase up to five clickable products per post. Before the upgrade, “more than 84 percent of smartphone users in the US browse, research or compare products via a web browser or mobile app,” yet “only 21 percent of purchases [are] made within a day.”

Now, Instagram’s newest innovation makes it even easier for users to locate, research, and purchase products. With shoppable posts and a simple “Shop Now” icon, the app’s latest feature hopes to create a better user experience while boosting the success of ad campaigns.

How Does It Work?

Instagram posts that are shoppable will have an additional “Tap to View” icon on the image. Retailers will be able to showcase a maximum of five different products, all within the Instagram app.

Users will also be able to look up detailed product information within Instagram. Once the user has decided to purchase the product, there will be an additional “Shop Now” icon on the product details screen which will take the user directly to the company website. It is a simple and efficient way to use advertising to directly connect a prospective customer with the product purchase page.

What Does This Mean For Users?

Shoppable Instagram posts drastically change the user experience, making it easier and quicker to learn more about and purchase products. Before the update, users would often see “see link in bio” captions which offered an awkward and complicated way to bring users to the product purchase page.

Frustrated, many retailers even tried out third-party landing page methods, which unfortunately did not solve the issue and only worked about half the time. Shoppable Instagram posts offer users a more streamlined way to purchase products that will surely increase the success of advertisements on the app.

What Does This Mean For Retailers?

According to the Instagram for Business blog, 75 percent of users take action after seeing an advertisement post, such as shopping, searching, or visiting the company website. Statistics also point out that 70 percent of Instagram ad campaigns saw an increase in conversions and mobile app installs.

“Shop Now” icons in Instagram posts allow retailers to increase their advertising success rates even further by making it easier to link users with products they are interested in through direct links within the app. This new innovation shows Instagram’s commitment to retailers and making e-commerce through the app a success.

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