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New Facebook Features in 2017

08 Feb New Facebook Features in 2017

Facebook keeps updating its features, determined to keep and grow its appeal to its audience and to increase its advertising. These upgrades are a constant with Facebook. In fact, it requires all employees to take one or two days off each month to brainstorm new ways to serve users.

Why should a site with 1 billion users care? The fact is, even social media behemoths can lose out to newer platforms. The company has chosen to be proactive, experimenting with upgrades for users and businesses.


Location Requests in Messenger
Selected contacts can now request your location on messenger. This means if a friend can’t find you for a few days, she can send a location request. During a period of time, you can choose to accept or decline the request.

This has been added to Safety Check. In case of a natural disaster, you can identify that you are safe after a hurricane, flood or other major calamity.

You can add GIFs to your comments, as well as link to them and upload them. People love these animated images.

Now you can put them in status updates quickly and easily. Just put the link to the image into your update bar. This loads it just like it does any other type of link.

You can now get recommendations for eateries, shops and other businesses or places to visit. These are based on suggestions from friends, customized to meet your preferences.

You can add an album or a photo gallery to a friend, with all the pictures and videos that people upload in their comments. Everything related to that post gets added to the gallery or album on the newsfeed of the person you choose.


Get Seen Outside Facebook
If you are an advertiser, you can now join the Audience Network. This can increase your visibility by 16 percent over just advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

You can also put ads on Instagram Stories in the section devoted to 24-hour video stories. More than 150 million users visit every day.

Mid-Roll Ads
Still in test mode, mid-roll ads let you put your ad in the middle of a Facebook video. You share the money earned with publishers. People see your ad after they have watched at least 20 seconds of the video.

Dynamic Ads
Retargeting has always been important on Facebook. Now you have greater options. The dynamic ads function lets you select visitors who are considered very likely to be attracted by your product or service.

As an example, you sell green and blue hoodies. You can target people who have been visiting a variety of websites looking at blue and green hoodies. You can also target those who have liked Facebook posts and visited pages that focus on hoodies.

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