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4 Tips to Master Facebook Live for your Business

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26 Aug 4 Tips to Master Facebook Live for your Business

Facebook Live debuted about mid-year, and is already ratcheting up interest from business owners. The fact is, if you use it correctly, you can extend your influence on the world’s largest social media network. Given that it’s video, you can clearly see that it will reduce the amount of time you previously invested in providing content – blog posts, webinars, articles, etc.
With that said, are there some best practices to fully leveraging Facebook Live in your marketing schemes? Of course – and here they are:
1.Open Up You Digital Doors
Use this opportunity to allow your loyal crew inside the inner workings of your business. You’d be surprised how many of them actually want to start a similar business, but don’t know how, nor know what to expect. This reality opens up the way for a Facebook Live video session; in it, you show them how you’re getting it done, and field questions as to what their passions are and how they relate to business.

2. Question and Answer Format
Facebook Live is also highly-amenable to the question and answer format, during which you gather common questions for a week or so, and then open up the airwaves – so to speak – and answer them live. This also allows you to field requests for new content, and combine these with analytics to see what your next posts/videos should talk about. Furthermore, this provides you with content that you can late put on your business blog, or use for a Facebook Wall Post when inviting people in for the next Live stream.

3. Notify Your Network of Giveaways and Events
What better way to create engagement with a Facebook Live video announcing company plans that will benefit users? Whether you’re heading to a convention or a trade show, this helps you notify users as to the date and time of your whereabouts, and perhaps even get some of them to come out to see you and your company booth. Facebook is huge; so, they can pass the information to friends and family that may be interested in your services and your message could spread like wildfire.
Always include a link to your webpage elaborating on the details of this event or giveaway; then, make a trackable channel url using Google Analytics – or other reliable analytics platform – so you can understand where the engagement is coming from for future Live broadcasts. One very useful action is to have your Live stream running while you’re at a conference, giving a truly intimate look to your social network as to where the company is headed.

4. Blog Comment Elaboration
Of course, you should already be answering blog comments daily. Not necessarily as they come in; but certainly before more than a few days have passed. The Facebook Live video option gives you the opportunity to really elaborate on some of these questions – in fact, this could be an entire series, and could provide weeks of content as you put up new posts.

People are always looking for a connection to the company in which they’re investing time and resources, and Facebook Live lets the savvy business owner take full advantage of that.

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