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Social Media Marketing Billings MT

26 Aug What are the differences between Instagram Stories and Snapchat?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you’re quite aware of the rising social giants Instagram and Snapchat. These photo-sharing apps have managed to successfully differentiate themselves to the consumer by delivering photos and video in attractive formats that don’t exchange market share. Snapchat vs...

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Does Emoji Advertising Work?

05 Jul Does Emoji Advertising Work?

You’ve seen the minimal, graphical representations known as emojis everywhere – even if you don’t send emails or text frequently. Popular as addendums to notes; or sometimes used as messages all by themselves, emojis are now forging a new niche in advertising, where their capacity...

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Pinterest Marketing

31 May Pinterest 101

Pinterest is an image-dominant website that exploded on the scene just a few years ago. Want to know how effective it is? Well, recent valuations put the online company’s worth at close to $4 billion. The demographics breakdown shows that mostly young women with an...

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