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Snapchat Tips

19 Dec 6 Dos and Don’ts for Employees Using Facebook at Work

You share what you’re doing on a day-to-day basis with friends on Facebook. So why not include what happens at work? One good reason is you could get fired. Companies don’t want to place their reputations at the mercy of unthinking posts. On the internet, word...

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19 Dec Why using Snapchat is the new, smart way to boost your business

Eight billion photos a day, from 100 million users! That’s how many get shared with the Shapchat app every single day around the world. Smart business owners want to tap into this huge social media platform. Here is a look at what Snapchat is, who uses...

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28 Oct Why using Snapchat is The New, Smart Way to Boost Your Business

You’ve certainly heard of Snapchat by now, particularly given that the CEO turned down a $3 billion purchase offer from Facebook a few years back. The fledgling social media platform is now worth upwards of $20 billion, according to Forbes and Fortune – and that...

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