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Reputation Management Billings MT

03 Aug Our World It’s a Changing…Confrontation and Harassment and Bullying, Oh My!

Confrontation and Harassment and Bullying, Oh My! Let me share with you my recent experience. I was asked to speak on Reputation Management a couple of weeks ago and was shocked when a participant stood up, challenged my presentation, called me a liar and stormed...

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19 Dec Digital Ghosts: How Your Identity Lives on After Death

Your physical body dies, but Facebook is forever. What you post on your social media platforms is available here long after you’ve moved on to the Great Internet in the Sky. Most of what you contribute to your accounts is probably harmless. But in some cases...

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24 May Roofing Contractor Marketing

Blast Creative specializes in Roofing Contractor Marketing, we assist roofing companies just like yours to get to the top of the search engines. We are one of the first companies in Billings, Montana to offer search engine optimization as well as Social Media Marketing. Roofing...

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23 Sep Marcy Lowe-Entrepreneur Success Story

RFx Executive Consultant Marcy Lowe from Billings, Montana has her love of shoes to thank for her successful Rodan + Fields business. Marcy signed up to be an Independent Consultant in November 2009 because she wanted to look better, and with R+F products her skin...

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