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19 Dec 6 Dos and Don’ts for Employees Using Facebook at Work

You share what you’re doing on a day-to-day basis with friends on Facebook. So why not include what happens at work? One good reason is you could get fired.

Companies don’t want to place their reputations at the mercy of unthinking posts. On the internet, word gets around quickly. The juicier the gossip and the crazier the photo, the faster it spreads. At times that means free, viral advertising. Other times it means embarrassing notoriety.

Cultures vary greatly from one company to another. Find out what yours expects when you post. Meanwhile, here are 3 dos and 3 don’ts that are suitable for every workplace.

3 Dos

#1. Be positive and upbeat.

Tell followers about new projects, company get-togethers and your new co-workers. This shows the human side of the business.

#2. Match your company’s tone and expectations.

If you’re smart, you take a good look at what others are wearing, so you can match the prevailing dress choices. Do the same with Facebook postings. If you work at an insurance company, the tone will most likely be more conservative. If you’re at a tech startup, it will probably be more relaxed.

#3. Proactively decide what is public and private.

Before you start posting on your Facebook account about work, decide what aspects are for public consumption. What do you want your supervisor to see? What do you want to keep private? Consider using another social media platform for private sharing.

3 Don’ts

#1. Don’t badmouth the company.

You may be frustrated with your supervisor or cubicle mate, but Facebook isn’t the place to mention it.

#2. Don’t take the day off and post that fact.

Mental health days are a fact of life. But you’re daring the fates if you post what you’ve done on your Facebook page.

#3. Never post about illegal activities.

So you and your friends went crazy over the weekend and stole a street sign and took photos. Don’t post the photos. Anything illegal like that can easily get you fired.

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