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How to create an Instagram Story

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26 Aug How to create an Instagram Story

The simplest way to understand why Instagram is such a popular platform is to refer to the old adage “a picture is worth 1000 words.” There is a reason that the social media giant Facebook bought them out; it is an excellent platform for image-oriented social promotion.

Using Instagram’s photo and video format, you can create visual stories that resonate with your audience, and people who are following you will see a signal on your profile that a new story is ready to be viewed.

Instagram Story Success: Order of Business

After you’ve decided on the story you wish to tell, the next thing to do is to download the integral Instagram story app onto your Tablet or Smartphone. As a way to introduce you to what your viewers will see when you release your first tale, the app will now display the latest stories from the personalities you follow.

Next up is the personalization of your story settings – just head to your profile and alter the settings to reflect your privacy wishes. Remember; people will be able to send you messages regarding your story if you so choose.

Creating Your Instagram Vision

Now that you’re ready to create your vision, you should familiarize yourself with the ready-made icons on the Instagram story page; use the camera on your mobile device to capture what you will and edit what you get. When finished, choose the option “add it to your story” to have your profile appear at the top of the screen. Add a high-resolution cover photo to give it a brush of professionalism.

You can choose to have your Instagram story be an ongoing process, of course; just look for the circle icon on the upper part of your screen to automatically add any new camera shots. A host of other story-alteration options are also present for full editing abilities.

Want to know how successful your story is, or how well it’s resonating with your audience? Good – Instagram has a built-in Analytics platform that keeps a tally of views and tells how many people read portions of your story (and what portions) as well as who watched the whole thing. After that, the only thing left to do is to sit back and wait for the feedback to come in. When you’re ready to make another story, let the analytics help you deliver the kind of content your audience is searching for.

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