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Pinterest 101

Pinterest Marketing

31 May Pinterest 101

Pinterest is an image-dominant website that exploded on the scene just a few years ago. Want to know how effective it is? Well, recent valuations put the online company’s worth at close to $4 billion. The demographics breakdown shows that mostly young women with an average home income of around $100,000 dominates Pinterest; this income bracket, not surprisingly, makes a lot of purchases – which is precisely the kind of demographic that your business needs.

Pinterest’s success makes perfect sense, in retrospect – people like to look at pictures more than they like to read, and watch videos more than they like pictures. YouTube already has the video market cornered for the foreseeable future, so the images and scrapbooking theme of Pinterest is tailor-made to slide comfortably right into the picture niche. The point is – your business can benefit tremendously from using it properly.

First Things First – Build a Board
This is the fun part. After you sign up, you establish a board or two; this is done by uploading your own business-related images to your board, or scanning the web for eye-catching visual content and “pinning” it using Pinterest’s easy-to-use Google Chrome or Firefox app. Pin to your boards regularly, so that you maintain and grow interest; the boards with more high-resolution, pleasant-to-look-at images naturally gather more followers.

Speaking of followers; this is how Pinterest works for marketers. The most obvious way to get them is to pin good images – your crew will grow steadily. Another, more proactive method is to follow boards that you like, and that are at least somewhat related to your content. It’s a sort of unspoken “rule” of etiquette that people will follow you back if you follow them. Pinterest makes it easy to follow people – a list of recommended boards greets you each morning when you log on, with a “follow” button right next to each suggestion.

Pinterest for Business
After you set up your boards, it’s time to look into the business option: Pinterest offers analytics and insights into how your top few boards are performing – all you have to do is convert (currently free) to Pinterest for Business. This helps you understand how people are interacting with your content, and where to go from there.

  • As an example, let’s say that Pinterest Analytics shows that one of your pins has the most views each day; it might be a good idea to add a link from this pin to a sales page on your website.
  • Another option is to let that high-traffic pin guide you to producing the kind of content and images that your audience likes. It’s easy – find more HD images similar to the one garnering so much interest, and watch the overall interaction with your board skyrocket.

It should be clear by now that the image quality is tops when it comes to Pinterest marketing. People won’t even bother if your pictures aren’t high-resolution; only then, does the actual content you’re displaying matter. Be creative; humanize your brand and integrate every few pictures directly with the product you’re pitching somehow. Inspirational quotes attached also works well – but only if they make sense for your service. To keep you going forward – just remember the hundreds-of-millions of consumers passing by; if nothing else, that ought to get you in gear managing your online presence on Pinterest.

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