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Discover The Latest Facebook Layout Changes

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07 Sep Discover The Latest Facebook Layout Changes

With the emergence of more and more social sites, each must come up with ways to remain competitive and more so those that are already established. Facebook is not to be left behind as it has already made new tweaks to its layout. The page layout will henceforth enable brands to concentrate on the brand while all ads that have previously been a major feature have been excluded. The new design is fresh, clean and gives the Facebook brand somewhat a more unmistakable quality. During its testing, a representative from Facebook said, “We have introduced a new outline for pages on desktop to make it less demanding for individuals to find out about and interact with businesses on Facebook, including another segment for tab navigation and a more unmistakable Call-To-Action tab.” Below is a list of the most prominent changes:-

  1. The profile picture which is no longer integrated with the cover photo, but which now appears at the top left corner of the page. The size remains the same, which is 180×180 pixels.
  2. The Call-To-Action buttons are now more prominent a factor attributed to the fact that more and more brands are paying to play. Such buttons include, ‘Call Now’, ‘Shop Now’, ‘Watch Now’, ‘Send e-mail’, and many more. They have also moved and can now be located just below the tab links.
  3. Cover images have now been moved to the right, a plus factor for brands as they can now effectively display their products without worrying about overlapping issues as other buttons such as the page name have been moved too. A new Messenger icon can also now be found just below your cover photo. This also creates a broad area within which administrators can display a great brand message.
  4. New navigation tab which is now located just below the profile picture. Users can now easily navigate to sections such as Videos, Photos, Events, etc. Brands can now showcase their content by linking other social sites such as YouTube and Twitter to their Facebook pages. These social sites will be displayed on the navigation bar.
  5. The about section which is essentially the same as the page set up previously used with the only tweak being that now it is on the right side the screen. A couple of more details such as phone number numbers and so on will appear below it. Ensure your about section is updated with precise data and currently you could consider including highlighted video which appears in this space too.
  6. Absence of ads which enables businesses and individuals have a dedicated display space without having to worry about the appearance of ads from competitors. Ads absence is sure to rack up some more users for the social media giant.
  7. Tabs and apps have also been moved to the left of the screen.

More and more Facebook users claim to like the new layout, especially those that have been users of previous versions. Apart from a refined look, it gives brands an opportunity to display their brands and communicate effectively.

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