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Facebook Takes a Dip in The LinkedIn Pond-New Jobs Feature on Facebook

15 Mar Facebook Takes a Dip in The LinkedIn Pond-New Jobs Feature on Facebook

Facebook has recently made an upgrade to its Business Page by adding the capability to post job openings on the News Feed. This is a competitive move that might edge into the growth of job sites such as LinkedIn, Monster and InDeed.

Businesses in Canada and the United States can now post job listings on their own Facebook page and on a “new jobs” page. This is a free service for the businesses, as well as for users to apply.

It is easy to apply for a job on Facebook. You can search for jobs within a 100 mile radius and narrow your selection based upon industry and job type, including volunteer and internship opportunities. There is an “apply now” button, and Facebook automatically fills in the information you have already provided in your profile. You can write up 1,000 characters as to why you would be a good fit for the job. According to Facebook, businesses can only see what you’ve made public on your profile. The employer will receive your application and connect with you via Messenger.

Facebook Jobs

Facebook is definitely focusing on business users with their new launch. They have been pushing Facebook Workplace to business users and now have a jobs section. Facebook wants its millions of already active users to now be able to find jobs while frequenting the site.

Some people are skeptical as to the popularity of the new Facebook jobs feature. Beth Lawton, owner of Canoe Media Services, says “it’s certainly not the first place I’d think to go. I’d start with more traditional job boards…before searching Facebook for a job.”

Andrew Bosworth, Facebook’s VP of Ads and Business Platform, wanted to know “How can we make Facebook more useful in your everyday life?” He has shown overwhelming enthusiasm for the new product. He believes it will bring help small businesses hiring and give opportunities for the opportunistic or casual job seeker. Bosworth stated, “Two-thirds of job seekers are already employed. They’re not spending their days and nights out there canvassing for jobs. They’re open to a job if a job comes.”

LinkedIn might be the leader in the employment network space, but Facebook’s user count dwarfs that of LinkedIn by millions. It might be hard for LinkedIn and other job companies to compete with the amount of visibility that Facebook has. Even if a Facebook user’s reason for logging in doesn’t involve applying for a new job, it might be hard to resist searching the local listings for what new opportunities might arise.

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