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What is a good percentage for a PPC ads Click-through-Rate?

09 Jun What is a good percentage for a PPC ads Click-through-Rate?

It’s the most-asked question from PPC managers and clients both: what is a good click-through-rate percentage on PPC ads? Of course, there will always be debate over what is considered good and what should be labeled subpar, but everyone agrees that higher is better. Many factors go into the CTR for PPC ads, so let’s look at these a little closer. 20150325195728

What is CTR?
Since you’re reading this, you likely already know that CTR is short for click-through rate. This measures the percentage of people who end up clicking on your ad after they’ve seen it. Why is it important? A high CTR tells Google and other search engines that your ad is attractive to people, indicating that it’s helping people find services or products that they want. Put simply, search engines evaluate data like this when determining ad placement for searches. A higher CTR helps secure a higher position on a search page, among other things. Most experts agree that 2% is considered a good CTR rate for pay-per-click advertising. Certainly, there are other factors or circumstances to consider, but this number is a great goal to start with. Keep reading for information on how to start improving your CTR.

How Can I Improve My CTR?
Click-through rate can be improved in numerous ways.

  • Rethink your keywords. Using keywords is a given, but you don’t want to throw everything at the wall to see what sticks. Use targeted keywords that match with user intent.
  • Create compelling ads. No one sets out to write a poor ad, but some are more effective than others. Highlight testimonials and reviews. Be highly specific about the problem your product or service will solve. Appeal to the person’s desire to solve their problem immediately by offering time-sensitive product bonuses or service upgrades.
  • Use strong verbs. Strong verbs spur people to action. Think about using verbs like double, improve, create, and get.

As mentioned above, 2% is considered a good CTR. This may vary a bit from industry to industry, platform to platform, and campaign to campaign. The “magic number” might be a little different for your ad. Be sure to have a testing system in place so you can measure the efficacy of any ad placement and to see where you can improve your CTR percentage.

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