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Google+ Marketing Tips & Strategies

11 Jul Google+ Marketing Tips & Strategies

GoogleMarketing-300x168Google Plus is an effective platform to help you or your business reach new customers, increase brand awareness and cultivate community engagement. While Google Plus doesn’t have as many users as other popular social media sites, it offers enhanced discussions and group conferencing tools to help you interact with your industry. According to Entrepreneur, “your customers will be on it sooner rather than later and many probably already are.” Follow these Google Plus marketing tips and strategies to enhance your online presence:

If you or your organization use social media profiles with other services, such as Facebook or LinkedIn, you should standardize your brand across each platform. Your profile name should be your business name formatted in the same method on Google Plus as your other profiles. For example, use “ACME Products” rather than “Acme.” Each of your social profiles should also feature the same version of your logo as your profile picture. This is an important branding strategy that can significantly enhance your credibility and increase brand awareness.

You should regularly post new content on your profile without repeating exactly what you have said on other social networks or blogs. Incorporate images, video or links into all of your posts to create a media-rich profile. You receive immediate feedback and potential exposure when users click the “+1” on your posts. Polls are a great feature to include in your Google Plus posts. As you post more frequently, your profile receives more traffic, higher brand awareness and becomes a valuable platform for customer engagement.

Open communication with your Google Plus community creates a lasting relationship with your customers. According to a recent study by Forbes, “brands’ Google Plus posts generated nearly as much engagement per follower as their Facebook posts.” Google Plus is unique in that it places extra emphasis on group discussions. When a Google Plus user mentions you in a post, reviews your business or comments on a post you share, you should respond quickly and meaningfully to establish a strong relationship with your customers.

In order to reach every corner of Google Plus, you should consider incorporating Google Plus Hangouts into your marketing strategy. Hangouts is a group conferencing tool that incorporates video, audio and screen sharing. You can schedule Hangouts as events, invite your followers and then promote it on your social media outlets. During a Hangout, you have the opportunity to communicate in real-time with your community. Hangouts are great for hosting webinars, question & answer panels or public release announcements.

Referring to businesses, people and other profiles on Google Plus is a great way to network and increase your engagement. To mention a person or business in your post, type the “@” symbol followed by their profile’s name. For example, type “@Google” and then click “Google” from the results to mention Google in your post. The mention is automatically hyperlinked and the profile you’re mentioning receives a notification that they are mentioned in your post.

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