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Pinterest Spam Problem

23 Apr Pinterest Spam Problem

So while we do Social Media Marketing for a living at BLaST Creative, we don’t use Pinterest because of all the SPAM! I heard a rumor last week that Pinterest had dealt with the issue. pinterest-logo-300x200Sadly, I am here to tell you that it is not true.

I created a BLaST Creative account last week and started adding a few boards and pins, within 1 hour I had over 50 spam emails and continue to receive between 50 to 100 spam emails a day. It is absolutely ridiculous! Is Pinterest selling our email addresses?

We use Facebook and Twitter and don’t have anywhere near the spamming problem. Pinterest is a nightmare and yet it is a good marketing tool! So what do you do?

  1. Don’t use Pinterest!
  2. Set up a second email address that you use only for Pinterest so that the spam emails go there and you don’t have to deal with them.
  3. Block the spam emails as they roll in-which is what I did.
  4. Continue to complain to Pinterest, but that doesn’t seem to be doing much good.

Because of the popularity of the site, Pinterest seems to be attacked by spammers and doesn’t have the appropriate safeguards in place. So enter at your own risk, for the moment, spammers control Pinterest!

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