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28 Oct 5 Ways Social Media Has Changed Marketing As We Know It

In the past, marketers did their best to present products and services in an effective way and then hoped for a positive outcome. They often developed their marketing campaigns based on data that was not always fresh or targeted. Plus, after the campaign rolled out, customer feedback was slow, limited and vague.

The introduction of social media changed all that. In fact, over the last several years, social media has transformed the way businesses market their brands, connect with customers and analyze data.

Here are 5 ways social media has changed how businesses now engage with their customers and grow their companies.

Creates a Two-Way Connection

When businesses share posts, tweets and other types of social media content, customers can now offer instant feedback to products and services. Social media allows a dynamic two-way connection with customers that can help marketers find out how customers think and feel about their products and marketing strategies. On-line discussions and media sharing can also help to establish a company’s unique personality, points of view and can be used to develop and nurture relationships with customers.

Encourages Customer Participation

When social media engagement allows customers to vote, give a thumbs up or respond in other ways, customers can provide companies with valuable information. Companies can use this information to create new products and improve existing products. As a result of this fresh and targeted information, companies can become stronger.

Promotes Consumer Opinions

Social media reviews can help marketers learn first-hand how consumers feel about their products and services. In addition, when consumers share their opinions, marketers can instantly respond to them. And, consumer reviews give them an opportunity to answer questions, provide information and gain valuable insights to what consumers want and need.

Provides Optimum Outreach

Marketers can now effectively reach more potential and existing customers than ever before. Businesses can use the power of social media and networks to build expansive, sometimes world-wide customer bases and grow brand awareness.

Offers a Cost Effective Marketing Method

Employing conventional marketing methods — including magazines, newspaper, television, radio, billboards — is usually an expensive way to reach consumers. On the other hand, if you know how to utilize social media and have the time, oftentimes you can reach your intended audience without spending a lot of money. Nevertheless, establishing, keeping and growing a social media audience can require skills and perseverance, especially if your company wants to earn customer loyalty and trust. However, if you have a marketing budget, you can hire social media experts to perform a variety of duties, such as designing marketing strategies that will expand your customer base and build effective campaigns that help your company succeed.

Social media marketing has had an enormous impact on the way businesses develop and present their products and services and learn about their customers. At times, the opportunities for social media marketing efforts can seem almost infinite. The future of social media marketing continues to look bright.

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