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What Your Business Misses by Not Having a Web Site

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31 Aug What Your Business Misses by Not Having a Web Site

Running any sort of business is difficult, and it can be tempting to take a few short cuts along the way.  One thing you don’t want to do, however, is skip having an online presence.  According to Internet Live Stats, there are currently over 3.4 billion internet users in the world viewing over 1 billion websites.  Here is what your company is missing by not having a website.

Loss of Business

Above all else, if you don’t have a website, you’re going to lose business.  SCORE, a division of the U.S. Small Business Administration, reports some surprising numbers.  While 97 percent of consumers are now searching for products and services online, over half (51 percent) of small businesses still don’t have a web site.

These consumers are researching companies to read reviews, get information on products and services, and locate contact information.  If they can’t find these details about your company, they’ll likely move along to the next candidate on their list.

Build Stronger Local Presence

Do you have the mindset that you don’t need a website because you’re a local business that gets word-of-mouth referrals?  This is a common mistake, and a quick online search will likely reveal that many of your competitors are already online.  In fact, more people than ever are searching for local products and services on the internet, so the small business with a professional website will be the ultimate winner.

Develop Relationships

A website allows your business to forge deeper relationships with customers, suppliers, and even your local community.  The most visited page of many websites is the “About” page because visitors are interested in knowing more about who they are doing business with.

Having a website allows you to promote your company’s vision while building trust and loyalty.  A website also permits customers to be in closer contact with your business, giving them the ability to contact you with questions about products and services, make requests for support, or provide valuable feedback.

Future Proof Your Business

If you want your business to grow and survive long into the future, a dedicated web site is a must. It’s estimated that 5 billion people will be active internet users by 2020, with a 25 percent annual growth rate in mobile during that period.  With more and more people searching online and through mobile devices for products and services, it makes little difference what your business provides, having a web site is the only way to remain viable and capture this growing audience.

In recent years, having an online presence has become more a necessity than a luxury.  A professional website that reflects your company’s services and vision could make the difference in its long-term success.

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