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06 Oct Which Colors Should I Use for My Website and Why?

Color may sometimes seem arbitrary, but it can make or break a website. The right color scheme will make your website look memorable and appealing, but the wrong color scheme will make your site look garish and difficult to navigate. In some cases, a poor choice of color can turn off visitors and drive them away from your site and your business. 

While many of the factors that define your color choices will depend on your industry, there are still some tips that everyone should consider when it comes to their websites.

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Stick to a Natural Color Palette

A natural color palette is much more pleasing to the eye than bright shades of green, blue or red. Brighter colors tend to cause eye fatigue, which will prevent visitors from spending too much time on your site or even coming back at all. Try to stick to darker, cooler colors whenever you can.

Create a Contrast Between Text and Background

Any text that you have on your site should be legible, so it should stick out against your background colors. Black text against a white background is always easy to read, but there are other combinations that could work if you want to add a little color. Dark blue, gray or black with white text might be easier for some eyes to handle. 

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Stick Mostly to a Palette of Three Colors

While vibrant color can make your website stand out, you shouldn’t go overboard when it comes to your palette. If you want to create a consistent appearance that is still pleasing to the eye, try to stick with just three main colors on every page. Most recognizable logos consist of only a few colors at the most, so a website advertising your business should follow suit. It’s obviously more than a logo, but it should follow the same principle of simplicity. You can add some small accents of other colors when you feel it’s appropriate or if you want something to really stand out, but try to stick to about three colors most of the time. Not only will your site be easier on the eyes, but it will be that much more memorable.

Learn the Common Meanings of Certain Colors

Colors convey certain meanings for people. Think about your business and chosen industry and what you want it to represent, and choose your main colors accordingly. Red is a good choice if you want to convey energy and passion, but know that it can also represent danger and anger. Shades of blue can be calming and peaceful, but they can also indicate sadness and depression. Green can convey nature and prosperity, but it can also represent decay and toxicity in certain contexts. You may have to do some experimenting to find the right color for your website, but with a little searching you should find something that fits the mood you want it to convey. As long as it doesn’t make your website difficult to read or navigate, you have the freedom to choose whatever you want. 

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