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copywriter billings mt, How to Write Fast: 8 Secrets to Better, Quicker Content Creation

15 May How to Write Mindblowing Content: 8 Secrets to Better, Quicker Content Creation

Almost every writer has been faced with the mind blowing process of “how to create high-quality content, quicker.”  This is especially true for new writers and those that work in the content marketing field where the demand for new and fresh content is constant.  New fresh content is important in social media marketing as it engages the target audience, hence the need to develop this content in a fast manner.

The reality is, coming up with high quality, persuasive content will take some time; however, it does not have to take “all your time” as there are useful tactics you can apply to increase your writing productivity.  Here you will find kickass tactics that you can practice daily to improve your writing speed:

1) What do you believe?
Writing starts from the “inside”; how you feel about a given topic will greatly influence whether you are motivated to write about it or not.  For example, if you have been assigned a writing task about IT, and you find such topics too “technical” and lets face it down right boring, then you will probably write this article at a snail’s pace, and it might not even be high quality. It may just be flat out lousy!  Your subconscious mind has great influence on your writing speed and the quality of article you will deliver, so believe that you can write any given topic brilliantly and you will.

2) Begin with your writing goal
Even before picking a pen or launching MS word or note, you should have a clear goal of what you want your target audience to take away from your article. Your article needs to be killer. Ask yourself, what is the ultimate goal that you are trying to achieve from this piece of writing?  What information or action do you want your readers to absorb?  What do you want your target audience to walk away with from your article?

Once you have a clear goal of what you want your writing to achieve, you can start writing with this in mind.  By beginning with your intended purpose in mind, you will save time and won’t be horrified at the amount of time you are spending on writing.

3) Keep your article short and sweet
There is a common phrase used in the marketing industry, abbreviated as “KISS” (Keep It Simple, Stupid). This concept should also be applied in writing. High-quality content means “high quality”, and not necessarily long. Most writers have the tendency to be “wordy”, but simple, short and sweet content can be quite engaging and even informative. I recommend 450 to 700 words.

This essential concept applies mostly when you are writing online content where the majority of people searching for information usually want it served up in a simple and easy format that is inspiring and persuasive. Remember that most of the online users will want the information they are looking for to be served up quickly.

4) Have an ideas diary
Generating ideas for articles is one of the most time-consuming parts of creating high-quality content. Most experienced writers will tell you that if you have an idea or concept that you want to cover in your piece of writing, words will often come easily and therefore, you will write quickly. 

One of the ways you can generate great ideas quickly is by keeping an ideas diary, that way if an interesting idea snaps into your brain at any time or place, you can record it on your smartphone or simply write it down in your diary.  You can also write ideas you get from reading blogs, newspapers or by simply watching TV, to use later in your writing.

5) Keep a topic list
Coming up with topics for your content can also be quite a challenge and time-consuming task. Come up with a potential topic list before you begin to write, to help you write faster. Ask friends and family to give you a list of questions that they have about what you do and use those for your topics. Simple, but BRILLIANT!

6) Plan
If you want to write high-quality content fast, you really need to plan your writing. When you plan which sub-headings or topic you want to cover, you will limit the time you are likely to spend rearranging paragraphs that are out of place (due to failure to plan).

7) Write First, Edit later
Writing as your edit can waste a lot of time. So, put all your ideas down first, before you start editing to save on time.

8) Set a deadline
Set a deadline of what you want to achieve within a particular time frame.  When you have a time limit, you will work harder and faster to complete your tasks within this set time.

Writing high-quality content quickly is important in today’s fast society; especially in the social media marketing field where there is constant demand for high quality and inspiring content. Use the above tips to create high quality, inspiring content as quickly as possible.

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