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06 Oct The Latest Web Design Trends We Love

The latest web trends we love

You can easily tell the year a photo was taken based on the hairstyles that people are spotting or even the clothes that they are wearing. It is the same case when it comes to web design; you can quickly ballpark the year a given website has been created just by looking at the design it has.

However, it is not about using a web design that is hip and cool; it is about having a web design that is responsive to the changing needs of your users. The needs of users are dynamic; it is all thanks to the evolving ways people can easily access content. With the changes taking place in technology, this means there is also a change in interfaces. Thus, web design will need to keep up. Below are four of the latest web trends that we love.

1.       Rich Typography
The internet has suddenly seen the real beauty the written word possesses. As websites are being filled with images full of color, text is also forced to find creative ways to compete. Accordingly, texts are evolving and becoming more like the colorful pictures, as they can offer users a visual enticement to read on.  The trick behind this is to pair decadent typeface with the conventional one; this will allow readability while it is still able to capitalize on the visual appeal.

2.       Go bright and bold
Throwbacks are the new trend in town especially when it comes to color combination. Lets us try to think back to the 1980’s family pictures, now imagine those bright and bold colors on a wed design. It is going to be one of the web trends we love, as it reminds us of when the muted hues and earth tones were more fashionable.

3.       Moving elements
The use of animation is also a hot trend; however, the key is to keep the animation relevant and small. It is important that you clearly define what a simple animation would serve. Let us say; the animation could keep your users entertained while content is loading or even while they are processing a transaction. On the other hand, it could be used to draw the user’s attention to a particular page. The essential thing you will need to note is to keep it low key rather than distracting.

4.       Having some video headers
When you include a video header, it gives your website that extra wow factor, especially in this era where the connection speeds are increasing to ensure video loads seamlessly. Additionally, your users are also becoming more accustomed to the concept of embedded videos, so this concept does not feel as intrusive as it did a few years back.

With the advances taking place, websites are increasingly becoming a place where users feel they have expanded autonomy, while they are still establishing a personal connection through their screens. Accordingly, it is important to note, the ways that we consume the web it changes how we design websites, thus keeping up with the trend is paramount.   

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