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19 Dec What is Programmatic Digital Advertising?

A lot of people are confused by the concept of programmatic digital advertising nevertheless, it is a concept that has changed how online advertising works forever. Here are the answers to a few of your most frequently asked questions concerning programmatic advertising.

What is programmatic ad buying?

Traditional ad buying involves a complicated process of human negotiations and manual orders. To make things easier, programmatic ad buying uses software to buy ads. Programmatic ad buying essentially makes the purchasing of digital advertising an overall smoother and quicker process.

Why does it matter?

The use of human salespeople and buyers can quickly add up to be very expensive for companies. In contrast, programmatic digital advertising has proven to be more reliable and efficient. It all comes down to the fact that human beings have needs and limits to how much time they can put in every day, while machines do not.

By removing humans from the process of ad buying, programmatic advertising allows the process to be more productive and cost-efficient. Plus, it creates more time for marketers and sellers to create more valuable content, rather than wasting time and resources on menial tasks.

Is programmatic the future of advertising?

Programmatic digital advertising is becoming more prevalent every day. Companies that hope to be successful, and stay successful, in their advertising endeavors should probably look into programmatic ad buying.

The future will surely see all forms of media being traded programmatically, including television commercials. However, for now, programmatic ad buying is mostly focused on online ads and other nontraditional forms of media. This has not stopped many top companies from creating entire teams to manage solely programmatic ad buying.

It is clear that many businesses are aware of the success associated with programmatic advertising and are determined to take advantage of it.

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