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Twitter 101

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25 May Twitter 101

It should be pretty clear by now that the micro-blogging platform, Twitter, isn’t going anywhere. As one of the biggest social media platforms out there, it’s a serious oversight on your part if you’re not using it to grow your business, or get your message out there. I mean, you’re missing out on over 300 million monthly users! That’s basically the entirety of the United States. And, with the natural word-limit built into the Tweeting system, you don’t have to worry about long pieces of content to engage – just make every word count.

Twitter: 140 Characters Goes a Long Way

What do Megan Trainor and Twitter have in common? It’s all about that bass! As it is with most social media networks, Twitter is all about that follower-count; so make your content matter. This can include a short motivational quote, or even just a link to a relevant article on the web. This makes Twitter the easiest social network to latch on to for newcomers.

Simply create an account, use an avatar of yourself (people love getting to know the real you, so to speak), and start following other people that you find interesting.

Why Should You Follow Others?

Why not? After all, it’s a social network; reciprocation is its lifeblood. The more people you follow, the more end up following you back – thereby building up your stable of Twitter-colleagues. A major difference between this platform and Facebook’s is that, when you tweet something out, every single person that’s following you sees your tweet – it shows up in their feed. Facebook makes you pay for that privilege; otherwise, only a small fraction of your friends see your Wall posts.

Now you’re starting to understand the importance of what we mentioned earlier: post good content. Think about it this way: when you tweet a short message (this is called microblogging), or tweet a link to an interesting image or website, your followers may choose to retweet your original post. This can cause it to go viral – which can be an absolutely tremendous boon to your business. But if you tweet nonsense, your followers will start to ignore you. Some may even – gasp – unfollow you!

The Keys to a Dazzling Twitter Setup

  1. Right off the bat; you need to understand the importance of your profile; it’s pretty much everything on Twitter; at least in the beginning stages of the hunt for followers. Your account username must be relevant to your brand, so that people have an easy time remembering what you’re all about, and how to reach you on the platform.
  2. Next, pick an avatar or account picture. It’s best if it is the most flattering or carefree image of your face – or even your product, in some cases – that you can find. Just remember; you want to convey a personal touch to your impending viewers.
  3. Fill out your profile completely – we mean EVERY field. Think of social media as a real-life introduction to people, and do most of the things that you’d do for a face-to-face.
  4. We mentioned this above and now is the time to actually do it – start following people.
  5. Start tweeting. This is just a practice run, so don’t feel like you have to say something comparable to the writings of Confucius. Just start talking; it’s best if you read some of the things written by others and put in your thoughtful two-cents. Remember; as you get more and more followers, you’ll have more people see your tweets and possibly retweet what you write. You can also send direct messages (DM’s) to your followers.
  6. Last but certainly not least – this is the essential part for search engine optimization (SEO); you can start including a link to your website in your tweets – but remember to say something of substance, in order to compel people to click on the link and drive traffic to your site.

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